Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Recce! ❤

Went to recce the flat that I'm eyeing..

It's nicer as compared to the time when I went to view it for the first time. 
Probably because it was raining when I went there previously.
Plus there were others around so I couldn't feel the vibes (haha!) there.

Isn't the view pretty? 

Well, it's facing the road so there are bound to have some noise.
But I'm okay with that noise level. 
Besides, there are 2 bus stops which make it very convenient for me to travel around!


Was sneakily checking out the place when a super friendly auntie happened to come out of her house.
She asked if I was going to move in here. (I SURE WISH!)
As it turned out, she is staying just beside the unit that I'm planning to get.
Think she'll make a nice neighbour.. I hope!


Just cancel my HLE and reapplied a new one yesterday.
Hoping for the best! *Fingers crossed!*

I really, super love it. Have a good feel about the place. ;)

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Ideas for Food Art!

Gonna go Gean's house for CNY gathering this Saturday!
I can see my daughter in law again!! Woohoooo~


Suddenly I got this idea to do a simple food art! 

So I went to do some online search and found these:

Look like Mei Mei? Heehee!

But hmm.. Would it be hard to arrange cauliflowers eh?

Then I saw this! 

So cute! That's rice? Rice is probably much easier to mould the shape hor?

Oooh! This looks like Mei Mei !

(And it seems easier to make? Haha!)

And then I saw this!

Is it too ambitious to make Mei Mei and Zai 鸳鸯戏水 inside the curry? Heehee!

And then I saw this!!

So cute! I want to make for Ju!! LOL!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

Haha! This year's Valentine's Day is special.. Because Zai got a wife liao!!

Isn't she cute? 

Actually I've already passed her a Vday's present but I forgot to take a photo of it before giving it to her mummy Gean! Anyway it's a cute and sexy little dress with a princessy pearl necklace with a matching pearl hanger.. Heehee!

As usual, I couldn't resist buying cute dresses for Mei Mei so I got her another dress!

And the customized dog tag that I ordered for her finally arrived!!

Praying before CNY!

Took leave as Ting Ting was going to be born today!
But ended up, we couldn't get to see her as she had some infection and she had to stay inside the intensive ward. Hope she'll be okay!

Went to my usual temple to bai tai sui but oops! Noob me!
I was told that I can only start praying after CNY. Haha.. Nonetheless, just pray lah!


Popped by here, which is just beside my usual temple.

Not sure if it was just coincidence.. When I was rather desperate, I went to pray at my usual temple, the temples nearby and then one day I noticed this! (Funny how I never spot this during my 4 YEARS working in FHI..) Wrote my wish just for fun and perhaps to give myself a little hope? Not long after, it actually came true! Not 100% but 90%? It was like a miracle to me!

Thank you! :)

But of course, I am also grateful to all the other deities who have watched over me all these while too~

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Buy Buy Buy!

Lately I've been spending so much money on myself until I am feeling a bit worried!
Ipad Pro & accessories, Zi Wei Dou Shu Reading, Black Spinel Bracelet, Black Tournament Stone, CNY clothes for Zai and presents for my JRM friends who have been nice to me, Birthday treat for my Kor.. Etc.

But I gotta admit, I've been really happy! Haha!

It's been a long while since I spent this much money!
Can't help wondering if I would get a shock when my next credit card bill comes?? *Fingers crossed!*

Anyway, no point worrying now. Just gotta behave and not splurge unnecessarily from now on!

But nonetheless, today I ordered this pair of branded earphones!

Sennheiser CX 213

It's also available in pink.. So pretty!!

But oh well, since the fengshui master advised me to cut down on shades of red, I ordered the blue one. (In the midst of gradually transforming my world from pink to blue and green now. Haha!) And besides.. Although both are of the same brand and model, the blue one costs $19 with free delivery while the pink one costs $70+.. What??

Previously I've been too stingy so I always got those cheapo earphones from BKK or China. Ended up the sound quality is bad and they get spoilt so fast! Missed listening to songs with good earphones so I decided to invest a bit of money in a proper pair this time!


Totally forgot to order Steffi's birthday present because I forgot Taobao will be closed for CNY until late February.. Darn! Ordered some stuff for her via Shopee just now. Delivery takes about a month supposedly.. But I wonder if that would be the case since the items are probably from China. 

China = Rest for CNY

But I guess I can always bring her out first and give her the presents later. Heh!

Can't wait to see her reaction! I think she will like the stuff that I got for her! (I think the others will like them too.. Hahaha!)

Monday, February 12, 2018

Resume baking..?

It's a long while since I last baked cookies.. 
Suddenly I got the urge to bake again!

Maybe I start with something simple.. 

Like dog treats..

..and rabbit treats?

And bake these before though! But the recipes that I found online seem pretty easy.

Friday, February 9, 2018


It's been a long while since I last fell sick.. And this time I am actually sick since Nov 2017!!

Been sick for so long until I felt so frustrated and yet I couldn't do anything much about it. Eating medicine, vitamins and visiting doctors repeatedly also didn't seem to help much!


Not sure if it's because my body's weaker (slacked on my diet and exercise.. opps!) or simply because my company's doctors are lousy. Suddenly became very sick last Friday until I had to go back early! Despite seeing the doctor, eating the medicine and resting in bed over the weekends, I didn't get better. In fact, I started to have difficulties in taking deep breaths!!

Was so worried that I decided to visit my own doctor (which means not fully subsidized by my company) on Monday. After taking just the first dose of medicine, I felt A LOT better. Thank God! By now, I think I'm going to be fully recovered soon! Phew!


Plans for Healthier Lifestyle ahead!

1. Cook for myself more often
√ DIY lunch in office
√ Home-cooked for Zai and me

2. Increase activity level
√ Daily walks for Zai
√ Resume my KpopX Fitness classes